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We are determined to produce the best brushcutter sawblades in the world, for all purposes. Because we only focus on such relatively small area of expertise, we allow ourself to completely focus on the products.


On a higher scale of efficiency

Todays brushcutter sawblades are pretty much the same as they were 40 years ago. This is really surprising since other circular sawblades on the market have been through several generational changes. Åke Strand, the inventor and producer of Strand brushcutter sawblades, has now over 47 years of experience developing sawblades. He has applied knowledge and techniques from the wood milling industry onto this new generation of brushcutter sawblades, that’s designed in close relation with experts of the forest clearing profession.


There’s a line of improvement already though changes keep on being applied, many not seen by the eye, though the result is perceived as breathtaking!


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Below is a test on brushcutter sawblades performed by av Magnus Ådahl From Finland.

Strand-HM review done by the Finnish magazine Metsälehti.

Strandklingan & Strand-HM

review from the Swedish magazine Skogsmagasinet.

Strandklingan review done by

the Swedish magazine Skogen.



Strandklingan Filmall - February 2016



Strand Skränk & Ryggfil - February 2016



Strand Fil & Skränkfixtur - January 2016



Strand-TOTAL - June 2014



Strand-HM - April 2014



Strandklingan - May 2012



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